Daily Prompt: Disagree

via Daily Prompt: Disagree

I disagree that we’re screwed. I disagree that it’s no use for us to go to the polls and vote this November. I disagree that we’re doomed either way.  I believe that regardless of your belief, you have a voice and that voice can/will count as a vote.  I believe that no matter how intelligent (or not) you are, you are entitled to your opinion.  I believe that you MUST know what you desire your world/country to be and therefore you know who is best to design a blueprint -if you will- of the country you desire.  Therefore, I disagree with anyone who decides not to vote.  I believe not doing so is a cop-out.  It’s simply a way to say “I didn’t vote for this…you did”.  I disagree with not taking a stand, even if we disagree with the stands we take.


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