Daily Prompt: Unfinished

via Daily Prompt: Unfinished

My book of poetry and prose.  I thought it was complete and kept wondering why I never got it published.  I thought that maybe I was just procrastinating yet another moment in my life.  Yet, I saw this prompt and the first thing that came to mind was my book.  It is unfinished.  There’s so much more to be said.  10 years later.  8 years later.  Too many years later.

It sits unfinished.  “Finish what you started..” “Don’t start nothin’ you can’t finish!”

Thinking even further, is it possible that not everything that you begin needs an ending?  Is it not possible to do things “in the meanwhile” and when the time comes you simply walk away and go into what it is you should be doing?   No need to waste any more time on the meanwhile things.  No need for closure.  Just walk away and begin something new.

Where does this leave my UNFINISHED book?  I now believe that it will remain unfinished. I believe it will be something that one of my daughters will pick up and read and maybe even finish for me.  I believe it’s time I did something new…write about new experiences.  I believe the next moment that I save via book-writing will also be unfinished because life goes on and there will always be something more to add.


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