Daily Prompt: Daring

via Daily Prompt: Daring

I am woman. I am black. They call that “Double Jeopardy”.  I am discriminated against for my race as well as my gender.  I choose not to sit and be intimidated, Oppressed. Instead I choose to be DARING.  I dared to graduate high school. I dared to graduate college. I dare to speak well. I dared to enter a career that I was passionate about. Then I dared to choose a career that paid more than my passion.  I dare to question religion.  I dare to appreciate bits and pieces of other religions. I dare to honor and accept people regardless of their beliefs.  I dare to make my spirituality priority over my religious traditions. Then I dared to read. I’ve loved reading since I was a child because my parents DARED me to be less than intelligent.  I dared to read the bible, skim through the Torah and parts of the Quran, and I dared to read the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy.  I dare to believe that intimacy is an important part of spirituality.   I dare to keep up with politics.  And to top it all off, I dare to raise my children to be just as DARING.


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Daring

  1. Great f******* post. My question to you miss is what truths were revealed in those dares? Was it finding yourself? I ask because that would be a great show not tell piece. Excellent writing.


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