Daily Prompt: Candle

via Daily Prompt: Candle

So hurricane Matthew passed by last week.  In preparation, one of the things I did was I got all the candles out and set them on the counter along with a couple lighters.  If we lost electricity, I was ready.  Well, glory be, my city didn’t suffer like others did and my neighborhood never lost power.  So the next day, I put all my candles away. This time I chose one particular place to host them all. Next time I won’t have to go through all the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen.  However, I left one candle out.  It’s big and pink -my favorite color- and it sits in a huge vase that is shaped like a wine glass.  This one candle now sits waiting…just in case.  This one candle will be my go-to if we ever go through another hurricane and lose power. This one candle will light my way to the other candles.

This one candle….brought me to acknowledge how many “candles” I have in my life.  The people who sit waiting…just in case.  The moment I start to lose power…energy…my candles are there; already lit. I don’t have to search for them. I know exactly where they are and they know exactly what I need.  A “hi!” from any one of my kids at any random moment, followed by a hug and kiss on the face. A phone call from my parents telling me how horrible I am to allow an entire day to go by without calling to say hello LOL.  A quick “hey, I love you.” or “you’ve been on my mind.  what’s going on?”  or as one of my brothers does every now and then “hey, I’m calling cause I don’t want to read your words, I wanna hear you. So talk to me.”  🙂  I love that.  My morning calls with my sister which -no matter where we get in the conversation, once we arrive to our destination the conversation closes in prayer. Monday to Friday. Never fails.  Or a random call from one of my friends “GIRL! just listen!” and then comes a quick story that makes me giggle so hard and ends with “o.k. love you bye!”  My candle comes in different shapes and sizes, genders and emotions.   So when my storms come and I lose power, my candles are there to get me through.  Always.


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