Daily Prompt: Tiny: problem sizes

via Daily Prompt: Tiny

Tiny Problems:

  1. There’s a screw in my tire. Tiny.  I have to pay to get it patched. Tiny.  I pray to God I won’t have to purchase a new one, but even though a tire purchase is nowhere in my budget for this week…hell, for this month. if I have to… still tiny.
  2. I get to work a few minutes late, but this is the morning that everyone decided to be off vacation and come into the office…so I have to park far away. Tiny.
  3. I forgot to get lunch money for my teen. Tiny.
  4. My shower head is dripping constantly. Tiny.
  5. The temperature is changing and I need to go shopping for my infant/toddler.  Tiny.
  6. School loan payment is due again. Tiny.
  7. My dad’s sight is getting worse. Tiny.
  8. My mom has aches and pains. Tiny.


  1. I have a car. I was able to find the problem and come up with solutions before I started my long morning journey with my baby. The kids and I are safe.
  2. have a job.
  3. I have a teen who is in school and not out in the streets.
  4. I have a home. with indoor plumbing.
  5. I’m a mom.
  6. I am college educated
  7. Daddy’s hearing is razor sharp! he’s quick with the comebacks. he’s hilarious
  8. Mom’s still a force to be reckoned with and she can pray the heavens open.

My tiny problems are enormous in the moment because they are all mine.   But when I stop and put them in perspective… in comparison to what other people are dealing with…how dare I become worried?  In the eyes of many and myself, my tiny problems are just that; tiny.


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