Blogger’s Block?

No…. brain just a little frozen I guess.  It just seems as though there’s been one thing after the next.  My people say it’s cause it’s  a leap year and things just go so wrong during leap years.  I don’t very much believe that.  I think If/when things are going to go wrong, they just do.  Chaos and doubt and “WTF” moments are no respecters of persons, time or place.  When it’s time it’s just time.

So why am I frozen?  Again listing the details and having to look at them and “face” them would make me see how petty I am.  So in perspective, Everything is cool. Everyting Irie. And even the things that aren’t, I believe they will be.  Queue Bob Marley:  “…Saying, THIS. IS. MY. MESSAGE. TO. YOU-OO-OO-OO.  Singing don’t worry, about a thing.  (don’t worry bout a thing NO!) cause every little thing, is gonna be alright!” 🙂 


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