….now what?

I know that as a black woman raising black children I should have a lot to say about the new president-elect. But I’m not sure I have a lot to say….  Why? I’m glad you asked.  The thing is, I voted.  I -like millions of others- voted for who I thought would be the best candidate to run the country.   I voted.  I think too many people underestimated the determination of “others” to get rid of the democratic party.  I think too many people underestimated the foolish persuasion of the opposing candidate.  While being a complete turnoff morally and intellectually, he was able to reach the heart of those who were in dire need of financial and political change.  While many of us simply fanned our hands in the air with a simple “there’s no way he’s going to become president”, there were those who were weighing their options: go with the liar who’s been in the political game long enough to either bring real change or play it to her own benefit. OR go with the fool who talks out his ass while proving that he can run a successful business…

AAAAAAAND the people have spoken.  A choice has been made.  It was a SHOCKER to most, but not to me.  I saw it coming.  I saw and heard too many people say “I don’t like either one” or “we’re screwed either way so…I’m not voting.”  What you (the ones who didn’t vote) failed to realize is that if you don’t vote against what/who you don’t want in power, in essence, you are actually voting for it/him.  That one vote to 3 million -or however many votes- could have easily gone to the other side. OR even better, if you don’t like either side, VOTE INDEPENDENT.  Now THAT would have made it interesting.  But no, here we are in the beginning of the aftermath and we’re mad. we’re sad. we’re upset. we’re disappointed. because we’re thrown…we just didn’t see it coming.

This may sound a little callous, but I believe that we should save our energy because -believe me when I say- there will be a WHOLE LOT OF REASONS to protest over the next 4 years.  There will not be a question of “why are they protesting?” because he’s going to give us CLEAR and OBVIOUS reasons.  Black Lives. Women’s rights. Gay Rights. Latino Rights. Immigration/deportation. Black Lives. and did I say Black Lives?  I PRAY TO GOD that it doesn’t happen, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to need to call forth the Huey Newtons and the Malcolm Xs, the Harriet Tubmans and the Sojourner Truths, the Angela Davis and the Marcus Garveys of the day because –with all due respect– the Martin Luther King Jrs and the Jessie Jacksons mild mannered-ness just won’t do.

NOT OUR PRESIDENT!yes he is. whether we like it or not.  voted in by damn near a landslide.  no vote riggin/robbery. he didn’t even have to call for a recount to make sure. the republican voters put the democrats to shame this go round. we’re acting worse than what we expected from him if he had lost.  so let’s accept our loss and go back to the drawing board and regroup.

Yes, the people have spoken.  Yet, there is still much to say.  However, we can’t just march.  We can’t just sit. We need order and planning. We need strategies and clear expectations.  We’re going to protest: o.k.  What are we protesting for? this, this, that, and against that bs right there.  What are the expected results? << this is very important.  What changes are we expecting to see as a result of our protests:  THIS. CHANGE THIS. KEEP THAT.  TAKE THAT LAW BACK WHEREVER YOU PULLED IT FROM; IT’S UNACCEPTABLE.

Go home people. save your energies.  I promise, we’re going to need it.

Exhale: I guess I had a lot to say after all.



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