It’s that time again…

Headcount. 27 definitely.  No need to ask who’s hosting cause Thanksgiving is mine.  In the past, I would feel stressed at the thought of having to get the house ready to host everyone and extra. I would feel stressed at the thought of the money I’ll have to spend this month and next.  I’d get stressed and a little anxious just thinking of it all…. But this year is different.  I’m so damn excited this year.  I checked my bank account.  yep. Bills are paid. Food in the house; enough for the 6 extra people that will be staying with us this week. Now I’ll be careful until the next paycheck rolls in.  LAWD…but I don’t feel the anxiety. I’m not stressing about cleaning from top to bottom so 24 extra people can roll in and make a mess. I’m just not doing that. This year just feels different.  It’s been a rough year it seems. And then with the election thing…….. Sister says to put a sign up on the front door “NO POLITICS TALK!” LOL  it’s sounds silly, but I’m sure this will avoid any unnecessary debates/disagreements/arguements.  I’m just looking forward to a few days where there’s no worry.  Two of the three boys will be here.  It’d be awesome if we had all three, but hey, I’ll take the two.  Mom and dad will be quite happy and surprised to see the boys and some of the grandkids that they don’t get to see very often.  We like surprising them 🙂  I don’t know the last time we had two of the brothers with us for Thanksgiving.  This is good.  There are some things I wish were different. But the importance of the things that ARE far outweigh the hopes of ‘what could be’.  So yea….. this year is different.  Feels different.  Thanksgiving is mine. Y’all can have Christmas 😀


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