How are you?

Yes, I’m actually asking the question to whosoever will reply.  Yes, I honestly want to know.  It seems that question is as general as “how bout that weather?”  or “how bout them Cubs?”  The question is asked with no expectation of a genuine response.

Question: How are you?

Answer: fine thanks, and you?

That’s it.  you keep it moving. However, today I’m asking,  How are you doing today, in this right-now moment?  Not what you felt yesterday or this morning.  Not what you anticipate feeling later or tomorrow.  But right now.  How are you?how-are-you


2 thoughts on “How are you?

  1. Today’s been a great day! I woke up and had a perfect cup of coffee and finished all of my designs I had to produce. Thanks for asking!!

    How was your day ?


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