What to say…

I said I would post something every couple days while home on vacation. Well, I’ve been home 11 days now and this is the first time I’m logging on. 11 days of …. I can’t even be bothered to list it, but believe me I’ve been busy. I shake my head whenever call and ask my mom “did you rest today?” and she replies “not really…” then proceeds to tell me all she had to do.  I totally get it. Once you’re home for a few days you realize all that needs to be done around the house. Then you remember all the appointments that need to be made for you and the kids. The couple things you have to take care of for your parents. And even things that need to be done for a couple siblings… I really do need to make reservations for my sister’s birthday celebration before its too late… and the list goes on and on.  One thing though, I rest. Once I put this baby down for her nap in the afternoons I’m either taking a nap as well or watching some awesome action packed movie. I rest.

I still feel tired though. Like my body is trying to catch up. In a previous post i said “I’m going to sleep and eat and play and sing and read and write and watch TV.”  I’ve been doing all this plus whatever else i mentioned earlier. Tjis is why I’m tired 🙂 But it’s o.k, once I hit “PUBLISH” a couple times I’ll go back to sleep. So stay tuned, another post coming.


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