I realize

that over the past year and a half I have forgotten MANY moments. Its like one minute I’m laying in the hospital -the doctors discussing if I can wait a few hours or if this is going to be now- and the next minute she’s running around laughing and talking/babbling back, giving mean face and hugs and kisses. The cliché rings true: where has the time gone? She’s in the room with the teen girls, on her toy cell phone, dancing to hip-hop and giggling. She’s learning letters and numbers, shapes and fruits…she’s amazing. Where has the time gone… I feel like I have forgotten so many moments. But I will never forget what it felt like having the doctor’s hands inside my open belly, my body shifting as she removed this tiny person from me. I will never forget hearing my baby’s cry for the first time and me saying “that’s the sweetest sound ever”. I will never forget that little face next to mine.

I realize that I have forgotten many moments and its o.k, because there are those moments that I will never forget.


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