Perfect for the day…


I need to write


I’m going through something…feeling some type of way…I am losing grip of my writing again and so I’m grabbing.  I want to tell you what I’m feeling right now, in this moment.  But I still treasure discretion in such a way that I still limit myself from absolute transparency…to you. To the people who don’t even know my name. never seen my face.  What is this fear?  Is it even fear?  OR is it my upbringing? “Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman without discretion.”  Proverbs 11:22.  Yes, I am beautiful and you can’t make me think otherwise.  And yes, I value discretion. I honor it.

So, I’ll tell you this: I am on a path.  I know what I expect to see at the end of this path.  I know what my expected results are.  I have to stay on track.  There are many side streets and rest stops along this path.  However, I’m not tired yet.