Daily Prompt: Seriousness

via Daily Prompt: Seriousness

The seriousness of being serious… It’s Monday morning and I’ve had a really busy weekend and there’s just so much going on locally as well as nationally and even universally…that diving into seriousness in this moment just feels exhausting to me.  So I sit here in the office and before I get into the seriousness of my work for the day, I’ll write about the seriousness of shoes 🙂  Yep, shoes.  I remember years ago I would be at the $10 shoe store every weekend simply to get at least one pair of new shoes to compliment some outfit or other for work.  People used to think I paid a lot of money for my shoes, but nope: $10. I was a single-mom at the time, working full-time and finishing up my college degree part-time and was determined to stay fly without wondering how I was going to feed myself and -more importantly- my baby.  Couldn’t get gov’t assistance cause they said I made enough to support me and my one baby (so if I went and got another baby or two, I’d get all the assistance I needed…I digress) and I didn’t scream about it either.  I simply accepted that and made my money work. So, $10 shoe store was it.  It was serious.  I didn’t shop in the aisle that had the “stripper-shoes”.  I went in that aisle, but only to be amazed at the styles and height of the shoes. But pumps and mules and sandals? Man I stayed fly and comfortable. And that baby of mine? Stayed cute and well fed.  Oh yes, there was seriousness in making wise purchases.  There was seriousness in shoes.

Where am I now? 16 years later, BA degree on my wall, the education/knowledge to show, one more happy baby (nope still no gov’t assistance cause my conscience won’t allow me to try. it’s there for people who need it, not want it) in a much better paying job which I can proudly refer to as my career and I STILL value the seriousness in shoes.  No, I will not buy a pair of shoes for $100+ dollars. The only reason I haven’t been to the $10 shoe store lately is because I moved to another city and just can’t get to it. So I shop wisely.  regardless of the name of the store, if it’s not on sale, I’m not getting it. And guess what, they’re now online.  Shoes for $10 on any given day!  Yep, right up my alley, paying $10 for each pair and wearing them like I spent 100.  Oh yes, there’s seriousness in shoes!

Happy Shopping everyone!!! 🙂


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