via Daily Prompt: Glitter

Glitter on me…it’s pretty. makes me smile. makes me want to ooooo and aaaaah like a child.   it’s fun. until it’s not.  until you’re ready to be rid of it and can’t. you shower. you wake up. it’s still there. You have to get to work, and walking around the office in a suit -pencil skirt and jacket, pumps and…glitter.  You’re bound to be asked the question “what were you doing last night?”  sigh… so you try to remove it with a dry towel but that only seem to move it from one spot to the next. it’s still pretty, but you’re over it. this sounds familiar….

yep, getting rid of glitter is like getting out of a relationship that you’ve simply had enough of.  it’s not ugly. it still kinda makes you smile, but you’ve had enough. you know you’ve had enough.  you know it was fun in the moment, but you just cannot carry it with you into your next morning…your next moment.  but trying to get rid of it is like trying to get rid of glitter.

and then there’s that moment…that moment that you long for some glitter. something that sparkles and makes you smile…giggle…ooooo and aaaaaaah like a child. you miss the fun of it. waking up with it. you even miss walking with that sparkle, that glow to make someone ask “what were you doing last night?”


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