Healthy Living

Kale, spinach, grilled white chicken meat raised without antibiotics (what???), dance with the babies

Quinoa, Beluga Lentils, intimate strolls in the park,

Pepitas, Cranberries, hugs from your kids,

Hemp Seeds, stretches, moments of silence, 30minute walks at break, time for yourself,

Apples, grapes, whole wheat anything, lunch with friends,

Carrots, cucumbers, apple cider vinegar, date-night with the one you love,

Yoga, strength-training, spilling the tea with your favorite sibling,

Protein shakes, meditation, indoor kickball with the kids (don’t break the tv!),

Tofu wrap,  broccoli, turkey bacon, eggs, nuts, water: lots of water,

Sex: make it great,

Blended fruit juices, almond milk, daily chats with your parents

Push-ups, sit-ups, cycling, passionate kisses

These are the makings of healthy living


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