What if we lost the internet? (inspired by Lady G.)

In communicating with this inspiring writer, the question was asked ‘what if suddenly one day we lost all internet access?’  Which led me to write this:

Isn’t is strange how the internet has become so ….”life-giving” -for lack of a better term? I spent the first ten years of my life in the beautiful island of Jamaica; a life in which many would define as a privileged one.  The next ten years I spent in NJ.  During these first 20+ years the internet held no importance to me. Even during the first couple years of college, I used the computers simply to write papers. I don’t know at what point the internet became so important. But somewhere between then and now, the internet has become this life-giving beast.  People who would have otherwise been timid, shy, introverts became bold, outgoing extroverts with so much to say and are able to do so un-apologetically. People who were the first to exit a face-to-face conflict found the boldness to instigate “beefs online” with whoever they pleased.  All while hiding behind a profile/username/avatar…

So, what would we do if “the people” hacked in and knocked out our internet? We’d HAVE to go back to having face-to-face conversations and conflicts again. Writing letters and waiting DAYS for a reply. How many of us would go back to literally writing/journaling our thoughts/poetry/prose in a book? … People would lose FB “friends” and Instagram/Twitter followers, so how many FRIENDS would you truly have?  And online dating! Well, we would be forced to now approach and be approached by strangers on our day to day living, which also means we’d have to re-learn how to LOGICALLY and INTELLECTUALLY ACCEPT and DEAL WITH REJECTION.  Well, hell. Is that even possible to re-learn or (for many) learn anew such a skill? Or would we resort to being a secluded, isolated people who-for fear of real-life, real-time, face to face responses- decide that being alone just isn’t so bad after all. Would relationships last longer due to the international force and requirement to actually love the one you’re with because going out and finding someone to ‘balance your needs‘ would be too much? Or would relationships be shortened even more so because you’ll suddenly have the time to realize that the one you’re with really isn’t worth your time and effort?  Physical books, newspapers and magazines would once again be all the craze.  Imagine that…  Bookstores and libraries would boom with business once again.  OH POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!!  So what would you do? How would you cope? COULD you deal with having no internet access?  How do you see this playing out especially for this current generation?

Let me know!


43 thoughts on “What if we lost the internet? (inspired by Lady G.)

  1. Reblogged this on seekthebestblog and commented:
    Happy Sunday Guys:
    This post, written by Dee over at “Caged Bird Sings,” was inspired by a thoughtful exchange that she and I had in the comment section of one of my posts.
    If you haven’t already, please visit her blog.
    She is a delightful writer.
    Love and light to you all,
    Lady G 😘💋

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  2. It’s funny – I woke up this morning thinking about my dependence on social media and how full my email box is. It’s Spring Break (I’m a teacher); therefore, I will spend the week cleaning – not only my physical space, but my cyber-space. In the past, this would not have been necessary. I tremble at the thought of no social media! I love being connected to people all over the world! I guess it’s because I aspire to be a motivational speaker. I see it as an opportunity to reach out beyond my physical capacity and touch people worldwide. I love it!

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  3. I am a bus driver for Facebook, and literally a lot if these techies have withdrawals from not having a phone next to them. They have “tech boot camps” here in the bay area where you go. At the boot camp they take away all electronics, reintroduce you to human interactions, and make you find who you are as a human. There’s been instances where the ambulance was called due to seizures, high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and even heart attacks. So I think for those of us who were not born with the internet, we will be fine.

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    • Wow Tareau!
      I didn’t realize it was that deep!
      A lot of folks have no idea how to engage in human to human interaction. They don’t ‘get’ social cues and graces.
      For me, the internet is not my primary means for socializing. As you know, I don’t do FB and only recently started Instagram and a bit of retweeting…I don’t usually initiate an original tweet.
      For me, the internet is a source for finding more balanced news sources and for taking care of business like paying bills or shopping. I also use it as a resource to find things of interest that I might never have had access to without it.
      But, on the other hand, I once heard someone talk about how much more resourceful we were as kids because we didn’t have constant access to all of the answers.
      Kids today have ways to call or text somebody to help them to solve their problems.
      We had to figure it out! LOL!!!

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      • Preach. Like always having bus fare and an extra quarter to make a phone call at a pay phone, because my mom’s was not paying for a collect call. You better say where you at when the operator says “caller say your name” Hell that was even IF we had a house phone. Or holding the tv antenna at the perfect spot.

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      • I never did Instagram and I got fb cause a then friend of mine made me.
        Me: how are the kids?
        Him: if you get on fb you’ll see.
        Me: UGH. Then signed up.
        This was YEARS ago. Since then I go there basically when directed to do so: “Dee, check fb and see the kids in the band” or blah blah birthday “Dee go see”
        Twitter seems to require a lot of time. I call it quicksand cause you see an interesting tweet and the responses keep you scrolling. So I go there as needed.
        I still love the “girl, you home? I’m down the street. Open the door. We gots to talk!” moments. I wouldn’t trade those moments 😊

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      • Yes it is bad here in the bay area. I mean look at all the new cars that is so codependent on technology. Blind spot monitor, parking assist, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, navigator, etc. And we wonder why a lot of these cars don’t last long.

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      • I’m going to tell you, but I don’t want you to use my one experience to judge the overall manufacturer: Dodge Dart. Dual exhaust. All the little bells and whistles. I was too excited. Until….. But they found the issue and dropped my new engine without any further inconvenience or cost to me. I’ll definitely buy a Dodge in the future…just won’t be a dart. Challenger. Hellcat (if my money stretches that far a few years from now) 😆 but not a dart.

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    • I asked my 16yr old what would it be like for her… She said it’d be difficult because the books and assignments are all online now…but she wouldn’t mind having to go to the physical books to read and research. Then she questioned music: “Wait, mom. NO MORE PANDORA?!” LOL I said well, baby the radio would still work just fine so you can still listen music. She said “well then I guess that’s fine. As long as I can still have my music I’m good.” 😊

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      • She is right! More and more curriculum is transferring to the the internet based platform. All my students use Chromebooks daily. They are being driven in this direction. Surprisingly, there are days when they are tired of it and just want to read a book or draw.

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      • Only problem with ‘the radio’ is that you don’t get to pick the songs. You’re at the mercy of the DJ. You have to listen to whatever he wants to play LOL!!!!! CURSES!!!!
        Our kids would hate that 🙂

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    • Uhm… I cried real tears from laughing at your comment. Am I a horrible person?

      I love taking days off from my accounts. You HAVE to unplug sometimes or you’ll get caught up. And it really bugs when I’m driving and these fools use their “down time” to swerve into my lane while texting or whatever tf they’re doing.

      And when it comes down to it, most of the matters we deem so addictive and important are actually quite trivial.

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  4. With your comprehensive and thoughtful post you’ve brought a great deal to the surface.
    As with most human innovations there are many pluses and many minuses.
    It concerns me that so many young people who are physically and socially mobile feel they can’t interact without what is basically a convenience device.
    However as you pointed out the net has given many people a sense of freedom to speak their minds (in a positive way-not you trolls) or the chance to soar on artistic wings. [As an aside- posting from the UK: In the pre-internet days trying to make your creativity known was no just making the ‘establishment’ of which ever branch notice you, it was also trying to gain the approval of whichever local insular little clique you seemed obliged to have to attach yourself to].
    My poor dear wife’s health keeps her indoors far too much so ‘the net’ is her freedom.
    As that wasn’t bad enough she’d got me as a semi-anti-social old grumbler who lightens up when he gets into the fresh air of the WP community.
    So overall, we’d miss it something cruel.

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  5. I imagine it would be much like losing an eye; you could still see, but your depth perception would suffer immensely. LOL

    I look up everything. That’s what I would miss most; having access to so much knowledge just a touch away.

    It is a nexus of knowledge where many ideas and thoughts can be shared instantly and from anywhere on earth. It is a fertile field of creativity, evolution of ideas and thought. I dare say that, much of what we now consider commonplace would not exist without this platform.

    It may even be a part of our evolution as humankind, now and into the future.

    The sharing of ideas is probably one of the most important components or our accumulated knowledge. Socrates learned much from Oriental philosophy, Plato built on Socrates’ ideas, Aristotle built on Plato, etc. Just think how much faster, the internet has made our ability to share ideas and grow intellectually, and creatively.

    I think it’s all about knowledge.

    And it’s the only way I know what my sons are up to nowadays.

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    • Your response is eye opening (no pun intended). Your metaphor of losing an eye is strong. I appreciate it. Your view makes me think of a few quotes:
      “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” Albert Einstein
      “Men have become tools of their tools.” Henry David Thoreau
      Or one I came across years ago that basically said the thing that is created to help us also kills us. Which could apply to technology/medicine. The internet is the source of soooooo much good☺, and simultaneously, so much evil 😕

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  6. Hi Dee – pleased to make your acquaintance. I would function quite well without the internet. Reading books is something I enjoy doing. Listening to music is always a possibility as well. I would still have my DVR player so I could watch movies. Life would go on. There is always lollygagging outside walking my dog, riding a bike. Unfortunately, the youth of today would probably have meltdowns. Their entire lives are geared around FB, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, they would not know how to interact or function. Technology can be a blessing but it can also be a curse. BTW, I would adore writing in long hand and keeping an old timey journal. Very thought provoking post.

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    • Hi Susan,
      Pleased to make your acquaintance as well! Thank you for reading and replying. 😊 I agree, nothing like turning the pages of a book. To this day, I still love going to the bookstore and browsing. I get just as excited about finding a new book that grabbed my interest as I do a new pair of shoes or a nice handbag.

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