how are you alone…

How are you in a room full, house full, 






full of people

      and feel lonely

             so lonely

that you somehow convince yourself that no one understands

that you are the only one who feels this way?

how do you lay next to him every night 

               and cry yourself to sleep without him ever knowing

                              ever hearing your sobs

                                    ever seeing your tears

                                          ever seeing you?

how do you work so hard to provide for her

       for every need you know she has

             for every wish she ever made

                   for every dream you deferred

                        just to make her happy

                                      and she looks right pass you

                                                  beyond you

                                                               over you

                                                                         to someone else?

how are you alone?

why are you alone?

why is this o.k?


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