Daily Prompt: Purple

via Daily Prompt: Purple

Purple is one of her favorite colors.  It should have been incorporated into her wedding dress. Her bridesmaids’ dresses should have been beautifully hinted in purple or hilariously drenched in it. Her reception venue should have been wonderfully decorated in beautiful shades of it along with whatever color he favored as well.  Her dad should have walked down the aisle in his tuxedo or purple linen suit. Her mom should have been seated in the front row in something pretty and purple or lavender or whatever.  We should have all been there to witness this beautiful event.  We should have…. but…. she eloped. Almost a year ago. and. never. told. a. soul.  We see her every weekend. She makes it to all the family gatherings. Never once said a word.  Why?  ….. none of the why’s matter now.  What matters is it happened.  What’s important is that we accept and honor this move she made.  She’s not one of our teens. She’s an adult.  What’s important is he’s now a part of our family; officially.  We’ll love him just like we loved anyone else who signed the papers and entered this family. We’ll love him because she loves him and he loves her.  We’ll hope and pray they last forever.  Pretty shades of purple beautifully displayed throughout their lives.


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