“Dig Deeper”

I remember an episode of “The Cosby Show” where the older daughter -Denise- was telling them about a dream she had about one of her teachers….the teacher was wearing a big hat and Denise took it off her head and there was another hat and the teacher said “Dig Deeper!” so she kept taking the hats off and the teacher kept telling her to “Dig Deeper!”  Denise was struggling with this teacher because she would always tell her to Dig Deeper to find the answers she needed.

And so it is with my writing.

I am the one taking the hats off myself and telling myself to dig deeper. It’s continuous.  When I take my “hats” off, what’s there?

I’m a mother. Dig Deeper.

I’m a daughter. Dig Deeper.

I’m a sister.  Dig Deeper.

I’m a friend. Dig Deeper.

I’m a cousin/niece/grandchild.  Dig Deeper!

I’m an employee.  Dig Deeper!

I’m an acquaintance. Dig Deeper!

I’m the one you love.  Dig Deeper.

I’m the one you used to love.  Deeper.

I’m the one you still love.  Deeper still.

I’m the one who loves you.  Dig Deeper

I’m the one who used to love you.  Dig Deeper

I’m the one who can and will love you.  Dig Deeper

I am black.  Go Deeper!!

I am educated.  In what?

Sociology: the importance of the family dynamics. the importance of the church.  the importance of feeling/being a part of something beyond yourself.  The importance of the rich, middle class and the poor and how all these different classes supposedly offer a societal balance.

 Psychology: the way you act is a direct result of what you’ve learned.  Either you walk the same path, or you veer away from it. Either way, what you’ve learned -or been exposed to continuously over a period of time- affects you who are.

Networking: sitting at home, or posted up at your desk is as dangerous as it is safe.  Get out and meet people. Have conversations face to face.  Supermarket aisle “have you tried this product? how do you use/cook with it?”  or a random “I love your hair. what do you use?  Natural hair is not easy to maintain…”   If there’s one thing you can get black women to chat about it’s hair!  If there’s one thing you can get women to in general to chat about, it’s shoes. Chat. Give and receive random compliments. Make new friends.

Love: how to give it and how to receive it. How to walk away from it when it fades.

     Hurt: how to give it and how to receive it.  How to walk away when it becomes too much.

 Happiness: how to appreciate and honor it.

Pain: how to live through it.  Take medications or let it pass. Fix it or get rid of it.

Sex: Good or bad.  Never settle for the bad.  Fix it or get rid of it.  There are too many things to do and incorporate to settle.

Religion: if it suits you, cool. If not, find what does.  But don’t give up on God.

Trust: how educated am I on this subject?…this is the one “class” I never really passed because it seems like all I keep learning is how not to trust.  This is the class I am forced to retake over and over again. Damn it. This is where digging deeper got me.  I’ll keep working….


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