…so she said…

No horns growing out her forehead; fairly easy on the eyes

Dresses well



Good mom

Dependable/loyal -not like a puppy or a car, but just a good chic to have in one’s life

Keeps her house well

Sees bulls**t for what it is and makes no excuses for it…calls it what it is. Bulls**t

He asked the dreaded question:  “…so why are you not married? what’s wrong with YOU?…”

Made her think.

And so she said, “my patience is thin.  I have no time to help you figure you out, and then help you learn me.  I don’t want to try to ignore your bulls**t in the hopes that you’ll choose me over whatever it is that you can’t let go of.”

So she said, “I like being at peace.  I like coming home and not having anyone question my whereabouts. No one to pick arguments with me for bs reasons.”

So she said, “I know what I DON’T want to have to deal with…what I simply refuse to accept…but I’m not sure what I’m willing to work with…that still remains unknown.”

So she said, “I’m afraid to share my bathroom.  I don’t want to have to walk in and smell someone else’s s**t”

So she said, “I love having the space in my bed for my kids and sisters and friends to just jump into and talk without worrying if he feels… -out of place-”

So she said, “I love having my bed to myself… “the world is mine, when I wake up. I don’t need nobody telling me the time.”

So she said.


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