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Relisha Rudd, still missing from Washington, D.C. The Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls convened a town hall Wednesday at the Library of Congress to announce plans to investigate and report on the overlooked problem of trafficked and missing Black children, CNN reports. “We don’t want to just talk about the problems, we want…

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Daily Prompt: Roots

LOL!!! YAAAAS GAWD! They’re setting me up to ramble all day with this here prompt!

So should I take it from the side of race/culture/heritage? Or should I take it from the side of hair? …which in essence will still lead me back to race/culture/heritage.  eh, let me just begin and see where this leads.

So a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to have real plants as a part of my interior decor.  So off to home depot I went.  Bought a small something pretty for the breakfast nook table and a larger one for the dining table. The one in the dining room is still alive and well. it sits in front of a window that gives proper sunlight.  The one in the nook….well it died. …..I’m on to my second one. When I went to get this new one I asked what all it needs: special fertilizer? plant food? …..”no. not at all. just water.  The soil it sits in has all the vitamins it needs. so all you have to do is water it.  and whenever you see one of the leaves turning, just pluck it off and it will spring a fresh new one in no time.

That’s it? just water.

Here we go: From my heart to yours, I need you to know, your roots are strong.  the soil it sits in has all the vitamins and minerals it needs.  you don’t need to be transplanted to a new soil.  you don’t need to doubt your roots.  it is strong.  

We all have dirt at our roots.  Show me a race/culture that doesn’t have some mess attached to it’s history and I’ll show you heaven.   Some of us are so ashamed of something…deep in our history that we change our skin-tone. we straighten our noses. we put our hair through all kinds of chemical turmoil in order to hide/avoid the natural gorgeous “kinks”.  In light of this recent new awareness of the “natural beauty” I saw a white model with an afro-puff wig and thought “well, how the tables have turned.”

Retrace your roots.  see where you’re from. learn about your history. come to an understanding of you. Don’t go off what you think or what you’ve been told. Research it for yourself. who are you? who are your people? who is the God of your people?

Then you move forward with awareness. No confusion.  Jamaicans are an interesting people.  We can be the best of friends with Haitians, but don’t ever confuse the two.   The two nations are very close in proximity and also very close in characteristics.  So growing up I often wondered why the “quickness in clarifying”.  I have come to realize, that it’s simply because we are a proud people and we don’t want to be confused with any. other. nation. Our roots rest in our history: “Out of Many, One People”. Our roots rest in our music: ska, gospel, reggae. Our roots rest in our spiritual beliefs: God is real. do right.
Our roots rest in our ability to fight for what we want (this may be good and bad depending…).  Our roots rest in our ability to survive: check the backyards for fruit trees, vegetable gardens, chicken coops.  We have our own mini garden-of-Eden back there. We can have our breakfast, lunch, dinner and appetizer options by just walking out into our backyard. We are rooted in pride.

Our soil has everything we need for our roots to grow.
Just add water:  knowledge. awareness. respect of self and others. love. respect of self and others. more knowledge. then more respect of self and others.

I’m going to end it here. because IIIIIII I have work to doooo 🙂 Just remember, your roots are strong. and when one of your leaves –thought process, habits, friendships, attachments– turn to what will cause the rest to die, just pluck it off and allow a fresh new one to grow!

Good day!!


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As much as we would prefer not to discuss it, skin tone complications of the past still afflict the psyche of present-day America, according to a 2011 study that found people of mixed race are placed below Whites socially, but ahead of Blacks. To be sure, the findings do not isolate the issue to the Black…

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Daily Prompt: Gray

…describes the color of this cloud overshadowing my spirit today.  not a light-gray that lets you know that the sun is breaking through. No, that deep heavy gray...that makes you want to put the car in the garage, bring the plants in, board up the windows, gather your candles…and huddle.  My candles.  I need my candles today.  The ones who help me find me way through darkness and storms.  This storm wasn’t in the forecast.  So I don’t know how long it will last.  I just have to wait and see.  “I am tired and so wary. But I must go along…there will be peace in the valley for me. someday. Oh Lord I pray.”  and no, I don’t expect my “peace-in-the-valley” to come in the life after death.  I expect to experience that peace right here, on this earth, during this lifetime.  I expect to experience that peace soon. Because this….cloud, dark and gray…can’t linger for long.

Where is everybody else’s strength? Their will to survive?  I can’t do this FOR you.  You have to want to live for yourself.  You have to want to win this.  There are some things I just can’t do for you.  Where is your will? What have you done with it?  Who did you give it to? Where is it?!

And yet, here I am. Trying to find ways to help you through this.  Because when your will, your strength, your determination fails, then pull from mine.  I am here. For you.  because I NEED you to survive. for you. I need you to need life.  I need you to have such a strong, loving desire for life, that living becomes your only option.  And so, I hear you calling out.  and I am answering. Allow my tears -in addition to your own- to be the rain that washes your soul.  We’ll get through this.  You will get through this.   This heavy cloud, is not our storm.  It’s simply passing showers; even though it looks so scary.   I’ll huddle with you.  Flashlight in hand.  Better yet, I’ll be your candle.

storm clouds

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“The depth of Friendship does not depend on length of acquaintance.”
-Rabindranath Tagore

I had lunch with a couple friends of mine today.  We were a perfect intro to a sucky joke: “Three ladies walked into a restaurant: a white one, a black one and an asian one…“.  I thought about this later and chuckled to myself.  At any rate, I remember one of the Elders told us once if everyone in your contact list looks, acts and believes like you, then it’s time you made new friends.

I never forgot that.  However, I am always wary of making “new friends”.  The time and energy that it will take to get to know and trust them. know and trust them.  Trust them.  Y’all KNOW I struggle with trusting folks!  But somehow, I launched out. All three of us similar in that we hardly ever leave our desks for lunch.  We work through lunch and then go home to our families.  No “happy hour” after work.  Our happy hours are at home with our own.  Three women from completely different cultures, races, backgrounds.  Our conversation was easy.  We ate, laughed, gave advice. If there was silence it wasn’t awkward and was quickly filled with another thought.

The fact is every now and then you need to launch out and meet new people.  Revert to your kindergarten self where you “made friends…cause they were nice“.

Friends quote

believe him

you met a guy.  this guy is one of the many that you smile and say hello to during your daily routine.  one day he finally stops and asks your name. conversation happens. you become a part of each other’s daily communication.  From the start, he tells you “listen, I’m not looking for a relationship (BELIEVE HIM); I’m not even trying to push for a friendship (BELIEVE HIM). I just want to get to know you and see where it leads.” TAKE IT AS FACE VALUE.  Don’t try to cipher what he could mean or what it might change to after a month.

Now, me? I hear it. I say, “Sir, we just met.  please don’t assume that I’m looking for anything from you”.  I hear it for what it is.  “Girl, don’t apply him seriously at all.  He’s not looking for anything. Has absolutely no intentions towards you. Respect that.  Choose wisely how you proceed. Keep him at a very safe distance.”  But that’s just me.

However, I know of women who -at “hey what’s your name?”- start matching his last name to their first name.  Whyyyyyy? all the man said was “hey, what’s your name?”.  To him, he simply can now say “hey Kim, how are you today?” instead of the generic “how are you?”.  Or “Hi Tonya, good to see you. Enjoy the rest of your day.”  But some of us, we’ve already figured how to introduce him to the parents and planned a dinner so our closest friends can meet him.  And then we get so heart broken when we make ourselves so available to him that he gets tired of us after a week and avoids you like the plague in the hallways.  We take the joy out of the “hunt” or the chase.  We block them from doing what comes naturally to them. No need to go duck hunting when the duck is waiting for you at your car when you leave work.  No need to go bear hunting when the Bear is friending you (and some of your friends) on all your social network pages.

Ladies, when he says “I’m not looking for anything right now” BELIEVE HIM.  Don’t make yourself available for when he decides that his “right now” has passed.  Carry on with your day. Move on with life as usual.  Honor his honesty.  Save yourself the unnecessary bs.  Try not to set a wedding date at “hello”.

Good day.


Daily Prompt: Zip


Yes, that’s my ZIP.  How? Paying my bills on time. Clearing up debt. School loans….that’s going to take forever, but, it has to be done so I’m doing it.  My theory is, they didn’t hesitate (much) to grant me the loans, so why should I screw around with paying them back.  And I mean seriously, you can only defer but so many times for but so long 😉
And of course, Giving. if you can, give.  Check your finances.  You and your kids/family come first. Take care of home. Then when you’re done taking care of that, and trying hard to put at least $10 in your savings, then help the helpless. donate: money, food, clothes/shoes, time.  Give. amazingly enough, you will see only good results.
Take care of your health. Prosperity isn’t just about finances.  It’s also about you and your health.  You can save thousands/millions by sticking to your budget and investing wisely, but if you do all that and eat/think/entertain garbage daily, then your prosperity is lacking. and vice versa. You can take great care of your health then, spend like the company CEO when you have the income of the night janitor; then there’s imbalance in your prosperity as well.
Surround yourself with what you desire to be:  people and spaces that are bright, happy, positive, successful.  The old saying “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” is true.  Pick crap off the ground with the chickens, or soar high with the eagles. Simple.

So, find your balance and ZIP.

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