just thinking….

…of the history lessons. The books. The movies.  The depictions. The portrayals. The stories brought to life. and I wonder….what the stories were…the legends of the “white monster” or the “white ghosts” who came and took them, their loved ones away while they slept, worked, walked home from visiting…. I wonder what the stories were that were told to the children as they grew older. The stories that went from generation to generation.  don’t go into the woods alone because the “white ghosts” will take you …. Or don’t go down to the river by yourself because the white monsters with their blazing sticks of fire will snatch you…   Which brings me to now.  Where are our missing children/women? Our browns and blacks?  Amistad. Roots. Underground.  What’s happening to our people? Taken. Get Out.  How are they just gone and life continues? Ghost of Mississippi. Mississippi Burning. To Kill a Mockingbird.  What’s going on? Call + Response.  Not My Life.  Is this really happening?  Could it really be happening all over again? Where are they?!?!?! Are they screaming for help? Or silently complying; praying for someone to search hard enough and rescue them.  Or have they simply given in to whatever life now is?  The Day My God Died.


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