Daily Prompt: Unravel

that one time of the month when the lioness in me goes to rest, or riles up in unexplained strength…

it depends on the moment I guess.

that week when all the thoughts and emotions that I’ve held together -kept control of- comes tumbling. like the little trick cans that you open and everything comes flying out. that one day when if what you’re saying isn’t logical then I just don’t want to deal because my emotions are on hiatus, or at the forefront…

it depends on the moment I guess.

I say “it’s that time, so don’t judge my reactions”  but the truth is, this is the perfect time to understand me, because whatever I’ve been holding in, is now breaking through.

I unravel.

like a mummy coming undone. the skeleton of my thoughts/emotions being exposed.

via Daily Prompt: Unravel


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Unravel

    • Thank you!
      What stops you from unraveling though? I mean -within reason: the kids/family are fine. Your job is in tact- why not just take the needed time to unravel. Allow your feelings/emotions/tears to come undone just for a moment. Why not….

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      • I appreciate that thoughtful response 🙂
        I do actually allow myself to have melt down time but I also realize that there are times when it is not a good idea to go too far.
        During those times I find other ways to discharge that energy.

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      • 😊 You allow those “unravel” moments within reason. You are wise enough to honor timing and knowing when it’s o.k. and when to do something different. 😊
        Always good communicating with you, Lady!!! 🌻

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