He brought me flowers…

…and I smiled and said “oh Thank You!” then I asked “what’s wrong? Do you have sad news?” 

Sounds strange right?

See the thing is -even though he knew I loved getting flowers periodically- he said he’s not getting me anything that’s simply going to die in a couple days…said it was a waste of money…said he’d plant me a little rose garden because THAT would last. 

He never got around to planting me that garden.

So a year and a half after going our separate ways, he brought me flowers. 

Too many deaths…too many funerals… Too many flowers after they’re gone…

He brought me flowers. Why? “Because you’re here… able to enjoy them” 

And in that moment instead of looking at him sideways…instead of questioning motives and ulterior motives…I simply said “o.k”, because I understood. He’s lost yet another loved on, been to yet another funeral, saw people place flowers on yet another coffin…and saw that it was a total waste of money…and finally realized that giving someone something that brightens their day -if even for one day or two- that can’t be a waste. 

So, he brought me flowers and I smiled 


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