What’s your Love Language?

I’m sitting at my desk and my co-worker comes to me with the question: “What’s your love language?”  Coincidentally, I have that very book in my kindle library. so I pulled it up and refreshed my memory.  There are 5 basic ones:

  1. Words of Affirmation
    2. Quality Time
    3. Receiving Gifts
    4. Acts of Service
    5. Physical Touch

Oh! I remember now. yeah, mine are 2 and 4: If you love me, make time for and spend time with me. And do what you say you’re going to do.

I’ll be over after work“…show up and sit and eat and watch tv or listening to music or talk to me. but show up and stay a while.

Baby, the light in the laundry room needs changing. I’m going to get the bulbs and do it for you” …do it. matter of fact, you don’t even need to tell me; just do it. Let me tell you something, to me, that’s gold. “Baby when’s the last time you got your car serviced…lemme get the keys.” …your night is bound open with a home-cooked meal and end action-packed 😉

Oh baby you look nice…I love you so much…you’re a great woman… but you say this while sitting on the sofa waiting for dinner after I get in from work and tend to the kids and this is your usual way. Yea… nothing. at all. you’ll get a good suggestion as to what you can fix for yourself or which take-out place is still open.

So my love languages are Quality Time and Acts of Service.

What’s your Love Language?

love languages


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