Daily Prompt: Zip


Yes, that’s my ZIP.  How? Paying my bills on time. Clearing up debt. School loans….that’s going to take forever, but, it has to be done so I’m doing it.  My theory is, they didn’t hesitate (much) to grant me the loans, so why should I screw around with paying them back.  And I mean seriously, you can only defer but so many times for but so long 😉
And of course, Giving. if you can, give.  Check your finances.  You and your kids/family come first. Take care of home. Then when you’re done taking care of that, and trying hard to put at least $10 in your savings, then help the helpless. donate: money, food, clothes/shoes, time.  Give. amazingly enough, you will see only good results.
Take care of your health. Prosperity isn’t just about finances.  It’s also about you and your health.  You can save thousands/millions by sticking to your budget and investing wisely, but if you do all that and eat/think/entertain garbage daily, then your prosperity is lacking. and vice versa. You can take great care of your health then, spend like the company CEO when you have the income of the night janitor; then there’s imbalance in your prosperity as well.
Surround yourself with what you desire to be:  people and spaces that are bright, happy, positive, successful.  The old saying “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” is true.  Pick crap off the ground with the chickens, or soar high with the eagles. Simple.

So, find your balance and ZIP.

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