“The depth of Friendship does not depend on length of acquaintance.”
-Rabindranath Tagore

I had lunch with a couple friends of mine today.  We were a perfect intro to a sucky joke: “Three ladies walked into a restaurant: a white one, a black one and an asian one…“.  I thought about this later and chuckled to myself.  At any rate, I remember one of the Elders told us once if everyone in your contact list looks, acts and believes like you, then it’s time you made new friends.

I never forgot that.  However, I am always wary of making “new friends”.  The time and energy that it will take to get to know and trust them. know and trust them.  Trust them.  Y’all KNOW I struggle with trusting folks!  But somehow, I launched out. All three of us similar in that we hardly ever leave our desks for lunch.  We work through lunch and then go home to our families.  No “happy hour” after work.  Our happy hours are at home with our own.  Three women from completely different cultures, races, backgrounds.  Our conversation was easy.  We ate, laughed, gave advice. If there was silence it wasn’t awkward and was quickly filled with another thought.

The fact is every now and then you need to launch out and meet new people.  Revert to your kindergarten self where you “made friends…cause they were nice“.

Friends quote


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