A Happy Birthday

There is so much power in the spoken word. I believe it because I’ve lived it so many times. 

My family and friends asked “what do you want to do for your birthday?” I answered everytime with “nothing. I want to do nothing except sit on my sofa in comfortable pjs watch movies and eat pizza. That’s it.” Don’t want to go out to dinner. Didn’t want cake. Don’t necessarily want everyone over. I just wanted to sit and be quiet.  Well I got my birthday wish. Not exactly how I thought. But it happened nonetheless.

I spent my birthday on a sofa with my family, laughing and talking and watching tv. 

Except this sofa was in a hospital room next to a hospital bed that my father laid in.   The day before as he laid waiting for the doctor to arrive, as I cleaned his face and his hands, I told him “dad you’re making this a habit…a yearly thing now…”  he just chuckled.  We were there. My mom, me, a couple of my siblings…the aces. You know, the ones. The team. We were there. And as we sat talking and laughing then too, I said “daddy, you’re messing up my birthday” and he said “I know it baby” but he really wasn’t.  This birthday went exactly the way it was supposed to. The sweetest nurses and techs. The doctors were alright… but the right specialist/surgeon came his way. We held hands and prayed each night before we walked away and the nurse joined our circle of prayer on the second night. We did shift-change like we were on staff cause as as amazing as the nurses and techs were, none of them could sit with just him. He wasn’t their only priority there. But he was ours. 

So my birthday came and I was so tired, but I woke up to my mom and kids in the house because I took my mom home with me the night before. We didn’t want her home by herself.  My birthday started with the woman who gave me life and the daughters that I gave life to. That was a Great way to start my day. Then later I got to sit on a sofa with my family -including my kids, cause they needed to see their grandpa and just seeing them was medicine enough for him- and laugh and talk and watch tv…and even though my day ended with my toddler throwing up in the car on our way home -I didn’t let that bother me either because I watched her dance and sing “Happy Happy Woo!” (her rendition of happy birthday) all day and eat a little of everything until her little stomach gave up…and I closed my evening bathing her and washing the entire carseat system and cleaning the backseat of the car….seeing all this now, man, that was a long weekend!!! Yet, I have no regrets. No sadness.  My dad is back home. In his own bed. Next to his very own wife/nurse/caregiver. And….

 Dear God, I thank you for seeing my dad through this another scary moment and for strategically placing the right people in the right places at the right time ….from the EMTs who transported him to the hospital to the every hospital staff member who tended to him… and for this amazing family that I’m a part of.  And God I thank You for not taking my dad from us.

This was truly one of the best birthdays ever. 


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