Just sit for a while


I saw the clouds get dark. It was 5pm so I exchanged the last few words for the day with my boss, said goodbye, put my laptop away, grabbed my things and headed down. Well, I get to the first floor and UGH! It’s pouring!  Well, no worries. It’s Florida rain. It won’t last long.  A few minutes and I’ll be able to walk to my car in the sunshine. 




I’ve been sitting here for an hour and it’s only gotten worse. This isnt just passing showers. Whatever this is looks like it should be named…. “Tropical Storm Donald” (yep. on purpose).  Not dangerous like a hurricane or tornado. But bad enough for you to hesitate about dealing with it. So you sit and wait it out….. I digress


I’m not anxious or worried.  I see this as an opportunity to just sit. And write. 

The lobby is getting full now…people who planned on just running to their cars and just carrying on with their evening plans are now conversing -by will or by force. 

And it’s getting no better.

Sidenote: I still get so tickled seeing these grown men in their business attire, with a backpack on. 

Well, it finally eased up. Gonna go stroll to my car before it kicks up again. 


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