I needed this…

Hotel room all to myself just because: check

Top floor room all the way from “the noise” of it all: check. (How did he know that’s what I needed? Maybe I just looked like I wanted to be left alone).

Bottle of Bailey’s Chocolate Cherry: check (girl at the store said me getting carded was a compliment cause I “don’t look over 30”. This kid totally made my day)

A brand new glass cause I refuse to drink my Bailey’s out of one of these plastic cups: check

Pizza and spicy wings: check

Cable TV: ckeck

Back to back to back episodes of “Insecure”: check

I needed this. This one night away. From it all. The noise.  No explanation why I needed this night.  No excuses why. No justifications. I’m not here for any of that. All I know is I needed this.  Hell, I might even try watching Game of Thrones  (if I’m awake)

This moment. This entire night. 


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