Excerpt from “The Mis-Education of a Negro” by Carter G. Woodson

Note: read “educated” as Oppressed

“…the Negro’s mind has been brought under the control of his oppressor.  The problem of holding the Negro down, therefore is easily solved. When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions.  You don not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder.  He will find his “proper place and will stay in it.  You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told.  In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit.  His education makes it necessary.
The same educational process which inspires and stimulates the oppressor with the thought that he is everything and has accomplished everything worth while, depresses and crushes at the same time the spark of genius in the Negro by making him feel that his race does not amount to much and never will measure up to the standards of other peoples.  the Negro thus educated is hopeless a liability of the race.
The difficulty is that the “educated Negro” is compelled to live and move among his own people whom he has been taught to despise.  As a rule, therefore, the “educated Negro” prefers to buy his food from a white grocer because he has been taught that the Negro is not clean.  It does not matter how often a Negro washes his hands, then, he cannot clean them and it does not matter how often a white man uses his hands he cannot soil them.  The educated Negro, moreover, is dis-inclined to take part in Negro business, because he has been taught in economics that Negroes cannot operate in this particular sphere.  The “educated Negro” gets less and less pleasure out of the Negro church, not on account of it’s primitiveness and increasing corruption, but because of his preference for the seats of “righteousness” controlled by his oppressor. This has been his education, and nothing else can be expected of him.”
-Carter G.. Woodson

Mis-Education of the Negro


Darkness and brokenness in the aftermath

So I’m driving in Altamonte Springs yesterday and as I sat at a traffic light I look across at a stretch of land…nothing but trees. At first glance you think things look normal. However, as I looked more closely I realized there was so much brokenness. Trees that looked like they were standing strong were simply leaning on others.

Later on I decided to drive through my parents’ neighborhood to see if the electricity was back on yet. Out on the main road, well lighted. The side street that led into the subdivision, well lighted. As I approached the circle….Darkness. Deep, thick, heavy darkness. It was like there was no moon/stars to help out. We have our parents with us, in a neighboring city where they wouldn’t have to deal with the darkness and heat. But as I exited the neighborhood I wondered about those that HAD to deal with it. Those who didn’t have family to say “pack your things, we’re coming to get you…you’re not staying there in the darkness and heat…”

My heart broke… I wanted to put on my cape and go door to door and ask what everyone needed. But over the past few days, each time I asked a different person going through this “what can I do? What do you need?” The answers were always the same: You can call Duke Energy and cuss them out…we’re o.k. Its just so hot…”

I drove home listening to reggae and soca…trying to avoid diving into the sadness I was leaving behind. As I drove, thinking and reflecting and being grateful, the skies looked like the heavens were having their own party and their disco ball was in full swing. Normally I would think, it must be storming somewhere…but last night in the midst of the deep darkness and chaos, the heavens were having a party.

All this got me to thinking how this is exactly what life is like for so many people now, stretching from Key West to Houston to parts of Georgia in the aftermath of the hurricanes. On the outskirts, things seem normal. But when you look closer, when you get closer, you see there is SO MUCH BROKENNESS. and in the middle of a well lighted city, there is deep darkness and heat an worry..

Going even deeper, this is exactly what life is like for so many people on a daily basis. Minus natural disasters, you see what appears to be normal people…but when you get closer, when you look harder, when you open your heart bigger, you realize there is so much sadness and brokenness and darkness that people are simply dealing with.

There is darkness and brokenness in the aftermath of Harvey and Irma, and loss and loneliness…

But don’t give up. And don’t master the art of pretense. You’re not alone. There is hope. There is help.

Excuse me while I be petty for a moment

While President O was in office, they said all manner of evil against him AND his First Lady.  They questioned his legitimacy as a citizen, his level of education, they printed crazy caricatures, referred to him AND his First Lady as monkeys/apes…. and neither of them tweeted and fussed. neither of them entertained the bs. why? because both of them were above and beyond the foolishness.

So, tell me why one lady tweets from her own personal account that the current leader is ” a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.” and is catching hell for it?  Why is the leader griping about this? If it’s not true, ignore it and keep it moving.  Why does the leader have so much damn time to entertain the personal opinions of others???  when he was out there disrespectfully demanding to see President O’s birth certificate, he was not entertained.  He had to take several seats and simply wait until President O served his term. Why? because President O HAD NO TIME OR INTEREST IN THE TOM-FOOLERY (“Foolery” chosen cause I try not to cuss on this here blog).

So again I ask, why does the current leader have so much time to tweet and throw virtual tantrums???


quick after Irma thought…

So I’m listening to my radio yesterday

announcer: …”President Trump will be visiting Florida Wednesday in the aftermath of hurricane Irma…”

me: for WHAT?!?!?! UGHHHH!!! Mr. governor and the mayors and the sheriff’s (even though some are ridiculous) got this. we’re coping… what’s his purpose of coming???

then the simple thought of “well, he’s president…..it’s what they’re supposed to do. let it be.”

yet in mentally I’m doing this:

eyeroll 2


God is OMNISCIENT. Meaning He possess OMNISCIENCE: total knowledge.

Omni-SCIENCE. HE IS what they’ve been trying to figure out. Why do they continuously try to separate the two?

HE IS medical

HE IS technology

HE IS communications

HE IS law/justice

The other planets exist because HE IS extravagant. Yep, GOD IS extra. He could have stopped at earth, but why do that??? The green aliens with the big dark eyes, or Transformers: if they exists it’s because He made them.





there should be no “separation of…”


I always heard that word pronounced as omni-she-ence. And therefore always read it as that. But this morning I saw it for what it is: omniSCIENCE. and it hit me.  They make science seem evil. Like it’s opposite of God. But that’s just not true. If HE IS total science, complete knowledge,  how can it be evil?

Nothing about Him is evil.

The planets align because of Him.

The moon crosses paths with the sun ever so often and creates extravagant beauty because of Him.


The science that you study is not evil. You are simply learning another aspect God.

Proverbs 8:17 says “I love those who love me, and those who diligently seek me will find me.”

So seek. Search. Research. And when you find, know that you are finding out more about who HE IS.

God is

Another Moment of Transparency 

Both kids fell asleep early tonight. The little one curled up sweetly and peacefully in her sister’s arms. Both in my bed.

This should be the time I shower and get in bed and sleep too!!!

Instead I find myself standing in my bathroom in my underwear catching up on my book. Terry McMillan’s “Who Asked You?”  And it dips and rises with emotions and I’m right there with it.  Ebooks are great. But there’s just something about turning the pages of a book that still bring me peace. So I read. And I laugh. And I gasp. And I giggle. 

Then I looked around.

My bathroom is a MESS.

I always say that if you want to check my emotional state, see if there’s a physical section of my life that’s untidy.  If everything is everything, then all is well. But if you find one section…the car, the bedroom the bathroom. Somewhere. where things are out of place, then so are my emotions. 

The car? Fine.

The living area? Tidy. 

Kitchen? Tidy 

The other bedrooms and bathroom?  Fine 

Walk over to my side….

My bedroom? Fine

Look closer…

Walk into my bathroom? 


I have a pet peive about clothes on the floor, so that’s not happening. But things are out of place. Baby got hold of my bucket of bangles…the container is on the floor empty, there are a few bangles here and there, but I don’t know where most of them are

And. I. Don’t. Care.

Stuff is everywhere. Just out of place and 

I. Don’t. Care.

I know if I clean up the bathroom then it’ll help me out of this…state…but it’s late and I’m tired. So I shower and get in bed. 

Then my toddler wakes up. She’s been sleeping for 3 hours. My night is wrecked.

I’ll get to cleaning my bathroom soon. Definitely this weekend. But tonight I need to change and feed and read and snuggle with my baby. 

The bathroom can wait, and so can my emotions.

“Sometimes the heart just needs a reset.”

Yea… it’s just one of those days… where I was running on “E”.  Nah, there’s gas in the car. But me, I’m on “E” or worse yet I’m running on NE = Not Enough. …mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, all the “…ally” you can think of.  I’m just running on not enough. So before I get to “D” = Done, I turned to my “Divine Connections” and took my cape off.  Kicked off my boots.  Took off my tights. released my wrists of my power bracelets. took off my headband. Laid my lasso on the floor. cause I needed to be naked.  So I expressed to them “…want to cry”.  One understood exactly where I was. One went straight into “fix it” mode cause if I’m hurting, then she’s fixing. The other said “Sometimes the heart just needs a reset.”

So here I am.

I already counted my blessings and found that I am no where close to being as worse off as so many others. I am grateful.

I am not here to negate my own feelings.

I’m here to acknowledge the fact that it’s o.k. to hurt. to be tired. to be overwhelmed. to be too much. to not be enough.  I can’t be everything to everyone. no matter how much I try.  I can only be all I need to be for me and to be only what I can give to others.

I’m resetting.

I can’t be everything to everyone. no matter how much I try.

I can’t be everything to everyone. no matter how much I try.

Remember in grade school the teacher would make you write the same sentence over and over until you got it?

well, here I am.

I can’t be everything to everyone. no matter how much I try.

I can’t be everything to everyone. no matter how much I try.

I can’t be everything to everyone. no matter how much I try.

I can’t be everything to everyone. no matter how much I try.

I can’t be everything to everyone. no matter how much I try.

I can’t be everything to everyone. no matter how much I try.

I can only be all I need to be for me.

black wonder woman