Daily Prompt: Survive

How do you let go? How do you know when?  14? 17? 18? 21? What is that first night like in the house without them?  The sound of their feet on the tile?  The sound of their voices calling from clear across the house “MAAAWM!” just because.  The sound of their fingers on the touchscreen keyboard as they text away…something that is obviously very important to them. The sound of their laughter. The sound of them fussing or playing with their siblings “stawp iiit! UGH!!! MAAAWM!!!”  sigh.  You don’t really know.  You just trust that they’re ready. So you help them pack…with a heavy heart…but happy for them at the same time because you know it’s not so much about them being ready….it’s about you being ready.  Accepting that the time has come.  “It’s o.k. mom.  it’s only a few weeks. I’ll be back.”  So you pack…their suitcase with all the clothes and toiletries that you know they’ll need to survive…and their purses with enough to survive…and you pack their ears and hearts with all the warnings and cautions and advice and reminders “remember who you are…remember your manners…remember to always be aware of your surroundings…take nothing for granted….remember your upbringing: don’t deviate from it… you lead, you don’t follow.  I’m here for you no matter what. just call.” you give them all they need to survive.  you’ve given them all they’ve needed to survive.  you have to trust that.  and you pray.  you pray with them before they go to sleep the night before.  you pray over them as they sleep during that night.  you hold them and pray with them again the next morning before they leave.  and you pray after they’re gone.

……but in their absence (whatever this absence may mean) how do you survive?  you pray.  because you know the strength that is required of you is a new requirement.  A different requirement and therefore a different strength is needed.  A strength that is far beyond you.  a strength that is far above you.  because the fact is this may be only a drop in your ocean of  acceptance.  You pray.  and you live and you wait and you… survive.


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Daily Prompt: Temporary

…is this feeling you have for me.  it will pass. like it always does. like it always has over the decade that we’ve been playing this game. “you’re hot then you’re cold. you’re yes then you’re no. you’re in then you’re out…” I’m the woman for you…then you want nothing to do with me….then you still love me…then you’re “no longer interested“… then you want us to always be friends. So now you’re back.  I receive you like I always do.  I receive you knowing that your presence is only temporary.

fading love

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Daily Prompt: Roots

LOL!!! YAAAAS GAWD! They’re setting me up to ramble all day with this here prompt!

So should I take it from the side of race/culture/heritage? Or should I take it from the side of hair? …which in essence will still lead me back to race/culture/heritage.  eh, let me just begin and see where this leads.

So a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to have real plants as a part of my interior decor.  So off to home depot I went.  Bought a small something pretty for the breakfast nook table and a larger one for the dining table. The one in the dining room is still alive and well. it sits in front of a window that gives proper sunlight.  The one in the nook….well it died. …..I’m on to my second one. When I went to get this new one I asked what all it needs: special fertilizer? plant food? …..”no. not at all. just water.  The soil it sits in has all the vitamins it needs. so all you have to do is water it.  and whenever you see one of the leaves turning, just pluck it off and it will spring a fresh new one in no time.

That’s it? just water.

Here we go: From my heart to yours, I need you to know, your roots are strong.  the soil it sits in has all the vitamins and minerals it needs.  you don’t need to be transplanted to a new soil.  you don’t need to doubt your roots.  it is strong.  

We all have dirt at our roots.  Show me a race/culture that doesn’t have some mess attached to it’s history and I’ll show you heaven.   Some of us are so ashamed of something…deep in our history that we change our skin-tone. we straighten our noses. we put our hair through all kinds of chemical turmoil in order to hide/avoid the natural gorgeous “kinks”.  In light of this recent new awareness of the “natural beauty” I saw a white model with an afro-puff wig and thought “well, how the tables have turned.”

Retrace your roots.  see where you’re from. learn about your history. come to an understanding of you. Don’t go off what you think or what you’ve been told. Research it for yourself. who are you? who are your people? who is the God of your people?

Then you move forward with awareness. No confusion.  Jamaicans are an interesting people.  We can be the best of friends with Haitians, but don’t ever confuse the two.   The two nations are very close in proximity and also very close in characteristics.  So growing up I often wondered why the “quickness in clarifying”.  I have come to realize, that it’s simply because we are a proud people and we don’t want to be confused with any. other. nation. Our roots rest in our history: “Out of Many, One People”. Our roots rest in our music: ska, gospel, reggae. Our roots rest in our spiritual beliefs: God is real. do right.
Our roots rest in our ability to fight for what we want (this may be good and bad depending…).  Our roots rest in our ability to survive: check the backyards for fruit trees, vegetable gardens, chicken coops.  We have our own mini garden-of-Eden back there. We can have our breakfast, lunch, dinner and appetizer options by just walking out into our backyard. We are rooted in pride.

Our soil has everything we need for our roots to grow.
Just add water:  knowledge. awareness. respect of self and others. love. respect of self and others. more knowledge. then more respect of self and others.

I’m going to end it here. because IIIIIII I have work to doooo 🙂 Just remember, your roots are strong. and when one of your leaves –thought process, habits, friendships, attachments– turn to what will cause the rest to die, just pluck it off and allow a fresh new one to grow!

Good day!!


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Daily Prompt: Zip


Yes, that’s my ZIP.  How? Paying my bills on time. Clearing up debt. School loans….that’s going to take forever, but, it has to be done so I’m doing it.  My theory is, they didn’t hesitate (much) to grant me the loans, so why should I screw around with paying them back.  And I mean seriously, you can only defer but so many times for but so long 😉
And of course, Giving. if you can, give.  Check your finances.  You and your kids/family come first. Take care of home. Then when you’re done taking care of that, and trying hard to put at least $10 in your savings, then help the helpless. donate: money, food, clothes/shoes, time.  Give. amazingly enough, you will see only good results.
Take care of your health. Prosperity isn’t just about finances.  It’s also about you and your health.  You can save thousands/millions by sticking to your budget and investing wisely, but if you do all that and eat/think/entertain garbage daily, then your prosperity is lacking. and vice versa. You can take great care of your health then, spend like the company CEO when you have the income of the night janitor; then there’s imbalance in your prosperity as well.
Surround yourself with what you desire to be:  people and spaces that are bright, happy, positive, successful.  The old saying “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” is true.  Pick crap off the ground with the chickens, or soar high with the eagles. Simple.

So, find your balance and ZIP.

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Daily Prompt: Unravel

that one time of the month when the lioness in me goes to rest, or riles up in unexplained strength…

it depends on the moment I guess.

that week when all the thoughts and emotions that I’ve held together -kept control of- comes tumbling. like the little trick cans that you open and everything comes flying out. that one day when if what you’re saying isn’t logical then I just don’t want to deal because my emotions are on hiatus, or at the forefront…

it depends on the moment I guess.

I say “it’s that time, so don’t judge my reactions”  but the truth is, this is the perfect time to understand me, because whatever I’ve been holding in, is now breaking through.

I unravel.

like a mummy coming undone. the skeleton of my thoughts/emotions being exposed.

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Daily Prompt: Blindly

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Blindly he said yes. not knowing who she really was.

Blindly she accepted. having no real understanding of what she’d be taking on.

Blindly they both agreed. clueless as to the responsibilities that the positions held.

Blindly…fearfully…at the the same time: boldly.

And they learned.

That it could be done. That it really was possible. To find “happily ever after”.

……just not with each other.

I’d rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else“.  Garbage.

Eyes opened wide.  They chose happiness apart.

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via Daily Prompt: Minimal

…describes the effort being put in to stop the murder kidnapping abduction rape of our people, the wrongly-accused incorrect incarcerations trumped-up charges (no pun intended), lowering of the glass ceilings in corporate america, the crazy executive orders and bans, the profiling, the discrimination of every possible kind against our browns and blacks yes this is a run on sentence because this is a run-on on-going bullsh*t and the bullsh*t isn’t minimal but the effort being made (or not) by the justice system is. Minimal.



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Glitter on me…it’s pretty. makes me smile. makes me want to ooooo and aaaaah like a child.   it’s fun. until it’s not.  until you’re ready to be rid of it and can’t. you shower. you wake up. it’s still there. You have to get to work, and walking around the office in a suit -pencil skirt and jacket, pumps and…glitter.  You’re bound to be asked the question “what were you doing last night?”  sigh… so you try to remove it with a dry towel but that only seem to move it from one spot to the next. it’s still pretty, but you’re over it. this sounds familiar….

yep, getting rid of glitter is like getting out of a relationship that you’ve simply had enough of.  it’s not ugly. it still kinda makes you smile, but you’ve had enough. you know you’ve had enough.  you know it was fun in the moment, but you just cannot carry it with you into your next morning…your next moment.  but trying to get rid of it is like trying to get rid of glitter.

and then there’s that moment…that moment that you long for some glitter. something that sparkles and makes you smile…giggle…ooooo and aaaaaaah like a child. you miss the fun of it. waking up with it. you even miss walking with that sparkle, that glow to make someone ask “what were you doing last night?”

Daily Prompt: Seriousness

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The seriousness of being serious… It’s Monday morning and I’ve had a really busy weekend and there’s just so much going on locally as well as nationally and even universally…that diving into seriousness in this moment just feels exhausting to me.  So I sit here in the office and before I get into the seriousness of my work for the day, I’ll write about the seriousness of shoes 🙂  Yep, shoes.  I remember years ago I would be at the $10 shoe store every weekend simply to get at least one pair of new shoes to compliment some outfit or other for work.  People used to think I paid a lot of money for my shoes, but nope: $10. I was a single-mom at the time, working full-time and finishing up my college degree part-time and was determined to stay fly without wondering how I was going to feed myself and -more importantly- my baby.  Couldn’t get gov’t assistance cause they said I made enough to support me and my one baby (so if I went and got another baby or two, I’d get all the assistance I needed…I digress) and I didn’t scream about it either.  I simply accepted that and made my money work. So, $10 shoe store was it.  It was serious.  I didn’t shop in the aisle that had the “stripper-shoes”.  I went in that aisle, but only to be amazed at the styles and height of the shoes. But pumps and mules and sandals? Man I stayed fly and comfortable. And that baby of mine? Stayed cute and well fed.  Oh yes, there was seriousness in making wise purchases.  There was seriousness in shoes.

Where am I now? 16 years later, BA degree on my wall, the education/knowledge to show, one more happy baby (nope still no gov’t assistance cause my conscience won’t allow me to try. it’s there for people who need it, not want it) in a much better paying job which I can proudly refer to as my career and I STILL value the seriousness in shoes.  No, I will not buy a pair of shoes for $100+ dollars. The only reason I haven’t been to the $10 shoe store lately is because I moved to another city and just can’t get to it. So I shop wisely.  regardless of the name of the store, if it’s not on sale, I’m not getting it. And guess what, they’re now online.  Shoes for $10 on any given day!  Yep, right up my alley, paying $10 for each pair and wearing them like I spent 100.  Oh yes, there’s seriousness in shoes!

Happy Shopping everyone!!! 🙂

LUSH (conversational)

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The first thing that came to my mind was that song…”can I get a REEE-FILL?…feel like a conversational lush, cause I don’t know how much is too much”  that has to be my favorite line in that song.  I heard it and thought about it…I like that.  I love that.  “Conversational Lush”.  Yes, talk to me. Drown me in your words. Pull me in with your speech. Intoxicate me with your terminologies. Let me DWI by your vocabulary, get home and stagger into the house, lay across my bed, my mind swirling around your language.  Let me wake up with a hangover…of your parlance.

Can I get a refill?