when the hunter becomes the hunted

There is something -a great feeling- when you finally get what you’ve worked so hard for: a degree, a position in your career, a car, a house, a vacation, a love.

Ever heard of the story of Jacob and Rachel in the bible? Jacob saw Rachel out and about one day, had a quick conversation with her, and basically fell in love (when a man knows…he KNOWS) went and struck a deal with Rachel’s dad. the dad said work for me for 7 years and then you can get to marry Rachel…. and Jacob worked. Seven years passed and on the wedding night the dad basically said “yeah, no. you gotta marry the older one first…work 7 more years THEN you can have Rachel.”  So Jacob worked. and FINALLY got Rachel. He worked FOURTEEN YEARS to get Rachel.  Of course back then they were living till they were 800/900 years old, so 14 years wasn’t nuthin.   But still, he didn’t put in two weeks of work, he worked for YEARS to get RACHEL. showed her and her daddy he was serious.  His love was real.  The story following is filled with drama and hurt…but Jacob LOVED Rachel. Why? Because that’s who he wanted.  SHE was his aim and goal.

Now what if the story was turned.  Rachel saw Jacob, ran home told her dad “I saw him! The man I want to marry!!! Please daddy! Please please please make this happen!!!”  Jacob wouldn’t have to work no where as hard for Rachel and probably wouldn’t have loved or appreciated her half as much.  Why, cause she made it easy.  He married Leah cause he had to. He didn’t work for Leah. she was handed off to him.  Leah did everything she possibly could to gain is favor…be his favorite.  But Jacob LOVED RACHEL.  SHE’S who he worked hard to get.

Moral of the story:  Ladies, you don’t have to grab your spears, bows and arrows “cause he takin to long“.  Whether it be online or In Real Life, set the trail.  Leave your tracks. leave your “scent”, then let him find you.  and of course, don’t just surrender at first site.  Come on now.  Let him work a little. I don’t care how modern times are now, or how “things have changed”.  As far as the pursuit of love, things remain the same.  Men are hunters in search of “THE one”.  The harder the catch, the “sweeter the victory“.

Choices to make: you can either be Leah or Rachel.  the lazy duck in the woods, or the daring tiger.

Beloved, Be Loved.


Does God have the time?…

Let me start off by using the aged old cliche that “I am not a pessimist. I am a realist”.  I believe that there is a God.  I believe that God loves me.  I believe that God cares for me and about the well-being of my children.  I believe that God provides for my needs even before I realize that need.  I believe that even when I feel like giving up on my faith, God has never given up on me. I believe that God is my provider and protector. I believe that God hears and answers prayers…and with that being said…

I do not believe that God has time to worry about my personal/dating life. Here’s why: I pray for safety and healing and protection from harm. I pray that I will always be able to provide for my children. I pray that my family is protected and kept safe from harm.  I pray for healing. All these prayers have been and continue to be answered. Daily. For this I am grateful.

I prayed for a husband…. I got men who want to be my husband but have no sense of true responsibility. I got men who want to be husbands, just not mine. I got other women’s husbands who offered to be mine.  sigh. Then I got a couple dudes who say they want to be my husband only to find out that marriage is nowhere on their life-list of ‘things-to-do’.

So, without anger, I realize that God really is an awesome parent. He doesn’t get too involved in the dating game.  In a sense, I feel God basically says:  “I’ll give you all you need.  I’ll protect you from harm as long as you allow me.  Follow my instructions.  You will never be in need as long as you stay close to me. When it comes to your love-life, I am here for you. Choose wisely.  When you are happy, I will rejoice with you.  When your heart is broken, I will comfort you.  I will continue to protect you and those kids from harm.  When I see that the choice you make isn’t good for you/the kids, I will block it.  If you try to go around me and force your own will, then I will allow it.  The consequences are yours.  Ultimately, the choice is yours.  I am here when you need me.”

I feel this way because because I’ve seen really good women get ‘stuck’ with awful men.  I’ve seen really good men get tangled with terrible women.  And all the crying and praying doesn’t change much.  “oh lord, please save my husband/wife! deliver him/her from lying/cheating/ alcoholism/drug addiction/[insert affliction accordingly]  and …..nothing.  Bills paid? yes. Kids loved and provided for? yes.  Happy marriage? well, it depends on which spouse you ask and what day you’re asking it on. Sigh

With all the murders, rape, genocide, oppression, child abuse, slavery, war,  etc. that is going on in the world, I just don’t believe that God has time to pick out a mate for me. Synonymous to a parent working, paying bills, keeping the house in order and the kids on track. I don’t have time to help you choose your boyfriend/girlfriend.  Look, here are the ground rules……….. and always remember the importance of you and your feelings.  Love yourself enough to know when what is being displayed is outside of love. Then without hesitation, make your exit because your safety and happiness far exceeds the “need” of having a man/woman.  Follow these rules, make your choice wisely.  I’m here if you need me.

I just don’t think God has the time for my dating life….