A Force Greater than you


I don’t care who you are, or what your religious beliefs -or the lack thereof- are. Just know you didn’t evolve from a fish or a monkey (why are there still monkeys??). Know that there is something far greater, more intelligent, more powerful, more loving, more forgiving -and sometimes more angry- than you. Your God may be a big white man, wearing a long white robe, sporting long white hair and beard sitting on a white thrown. Your God may be a nurturing woman who is continuously birthing newness of life and love into this murderous world.  Your God may be a powerful spirit that holds and controls the universe in itself and takes the form of who you need it to be in the very moment you need it: a mother’s word of love, an offspring’s sweet hug, the well needed words of a best friend, or the redirection of an elder.

Whatever/whoever you believe in, always remember to take the time to acknowledge and honor That Presence and continuous actions of That Power in your life.  You show your gratitude simply by loving yourself enough to live the good life you deserve and by helping others to do the same.

You didn’t “just happen”. You are here by design.

This song is by Tye Tribbett titled “I Need You”.  Enjoy