Excuse me while I be petty for a moment

While President O was in office, they said all manner of evil against him AND his First Lady.  They questioned his legitimacy as a citizen, his level of education, they printed crazy caricatures, referred to him AND his First Lady as monkeys/apes…. and neither of them tweeted and fussed. neither of them entertained the bs. why? because both of them were above and beyond the foolishness.

So, tell me why one lady tweets from her own personal account that the current leader is ” a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.” and is catching hell for it?  Why is the leader griping about this? If it’s not true, ignore it and keep it moving.  Why does the leader have so much damn time to entertain the personal opinions of others???  when he was out there disrespectfully demanding to see President O’s birth certificate, he was not entertained.  He had to take several seats and simply wait until President O served his term. Why? because President O HAD NO TIME OR INTEREST IN THE TOM-FOOLERY (“Foolery” chosen cause I try not to cuss on this here blog).

So again I ask, why does the current leader have so much time to tweet and throw virtual tantrums???



quick after Irma thought…

So I’m listening to my radio yesterday

announcer: …”President Trump will be visiting Florida Wednesday in the aftermath of hurricane Irma…”

me: for WHAT?!?!?! UGHHHH!!! Mr. governor and the mayors and the sheriff’s (even though some are ridiculous) got this. we’re coping… what’s his purpose of coming???

then the simple thought of “well, he’s president…..it’s what they’re supposed to do. let it be.”

yet in mentally I’m doing this:

eyeroll 2


…..in regards to the latest interview of the current president…and his late-night tweets…because I have so much to say but know that none of it matters right now. so I’ll leave Bugs Bunny right here.


addicted to knowledge

Hi, I’m Dee and I’m addicted to knowledge.

This year alone, I’ve become addicted to politics and now TED Talks, and possibly podcasts; that’s still up in the air.

I completely blame the people of this Great America (made “great again” by the current leader) for my addiction to politics.  Never before this most recent election was I ever sincerely interested in politics.  But there was so much wrong and outrageous about this election and it’s candidates that I found myself glued to the news -tv, radio and internet-  for updates on points and who’s favorable and who’s not and how tired are the people of the same old politics and their desire for something/someone new….to the point that they made such a strange/outrageous/desperate/interesting choice.  And so after the choice was made, I then became addicted to keeping up with his doings.  and dear lord, he has kept this great America quite “entertained”.  Life on a whole has pulled me away from keeping up with politics as much as I have over the past 9 or 10 months.  But I don’t think I’ve lost my now embedded interest.  I’m hooked.

I love intelligence. I love hearing people speak intelligently.  I love reading intelligence written in various forms from poetry to prose to blogs (which is why I chose wordpress) to short stories to books.  I love being invited to share their thoughts/beliefs/views/opinions intelligently.  I have said it once and I’ll say it a million times, intelligence is a requirement for whichever men I date.  they don’t have to have a BA, MS, PhD, (preferred but not required) but he has to be able to initiate and hold intelligent conversations.  Hence my addiction to TED Talks. I absolutely love listening to these speeches (every one of the those I’ve listened so far…purposely selected).  Also, I am a member of the Toastmasters International Club and listening to these various speeches from a wide array of people from different levels and places  is a great attraction for me.

Now podcasts.  this is still new….kinda.  It’s like listening to tv as opposed to watching it.  I listened to one “Homecoming” a couple days ago.  listened as I worked. I was hooked at the first episode and listened to all six episodes.  now looking forward to season 2.  I’ve done a quick search to see what else is out there to catch my interests, but nothing yet.  I’ll go back to my Flipboard article and see what is recommended.

So yea, hi.  I’m Dee.  and I’m an addict…of KNOWLEDGE.  because knowledge is power and we have become powerless and the more the days go by, the more power we lose and we’ve become so inundated by foolishness of 3a.m. tweets by our “fearless” leader and whether or not he did wrong and whether or not his son did wrong and whether or not he’s going to make it through the full 4 years or if he’ll be voted in for a second term and we’re so involved in this political reality tv show that we are no longer aware of what WE ARE NOT AWARE OF.   but then we take the time to listen and get caught up and brush up on what we aren’t aware of and it’s so deep and dark and sad and crazy and ridiculous and sad and sad and sad……that we willingly, voluntarily go back to purposely being inundated….. and this is where  the addiction comes in.  you come out of it to deal with reality and reality is too much to handle, so you go back under…

I’m addicted to knowledge, not because I don’t want to deal.  I’m addicted because I want to be aware. Our political climate is nuts, but what else is going on? How are others viewing this? What are their thoughts and opinions on this?  How can I best navigate around/through this? How can I help my daughters through this.  I’m constantly in a “need to know” mode.

So yes, again, I’m Dee, and I’m an addict, of Knowledge.



I am hooked to -intrigued by- the chaos of what has now become known as politics.  I find myself searching for more.  “What did he say today?” I search, I find the answers, I laugh or get frustrated or get concerned. What is happening? People who have no experience in working as any kind of government are now leading.  “one fool makes many” and so the false statements and ideas are given as facts and then retracted. Apologies are made, but most of the time, no. The false statements are then renamed something outrageous like “alternative facts”. People who have no experience in public school teaching/education are giving advice on how to do it better.   That’s like a wedding planner telling a construction worker on how best to lay a foundation!  Those who KNOW, teach.  So if you don’t know, why are you speaking??? But I keep searching. I find it intriguing.  This is chaotic and,




I can’t

With the tweets and the back-talk and the temper tantrums. I can’t with the “they’re not so bad…we’re bad too.”  I can’t with the elementary school playground team-up picking of “I want to be friends with this one and that one…” I don’t want to be friends with “those ones” cause they look and act different and if I’m not friends with them, y’all can’t be either”.  This is exhausting. and it’s only been a couple weeks!


….now what?

I know that as a black woman raising black children I should have a lot to say about the new president-elect. But I’m not sure I have a lot to say….  Why? I’m glad you asked.  The thing is, I voted.  I -like millions of others- voted for who I thought would be the best candidate to run the country.   I voted.  I think too many people underestimated the determination of “others” to get rid of the democratic party.  I think too many people underestimated the foolish persuasion of the opposing candidate.  While being a complete turnoff morally and intellectually, he was able to reach the heart of those who were in dire need of financial and political change.  While many of us simply fanned our hands in the air with a simple “there’s no way he’s going to become president”, there were those who were weighing their options: go with the liar who’s been in the political game long enough to either bring real change or play it to her own benefit. OR go with the fool who talks out his ass while proving that he can run a successful business…

AAAAAAAND the people have spoken.  A choice has been made.  It was a SHOCKER to most, but not to me.  I saw it coming.  I saw and heard too many people say “I don’t like either one” or “we’re screwed either way so…I’m not voting.”  What you (the ones who didn’t vote) failed to realize is that if you don’t vote against what/who you don’t want in power, in essence, you are actually voting for it/him.  That one vote to 3 million -or however many votes- could have easily gone to the other side. OR even better, if you don’t like either side, VOTE INDEPENDENT.  Now THAT would have made it interesting.  But no, here we are in the beginning of the aftermath and we’re mad. we’re sad. we’re upset. we’re disappointed. because we’re thrown…we just didn’t see it coming.

This may sound a little callous, but I believe that we should save our energy because -believe me when I say- there will be a WHOLE LOT OF REASONS to protest over the next 4 years.  There will not be a question of “why are they protesting?” because he’s going to give us CLEAR and OBVIOUS reasons.  Black Lives. Women’s rights. Gay Rights. Latino Rights. Immigration/deportation. Black Lives. and did I say Black Lives?  I PRAY TO GOD that it doesn’t happen, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to need to call forth the Huey Newtons and the Malcolm Xs, the Harriet Tubmans and the Sojourner Truths, the Angela Davis and the Marcus Garveys of the day because –with all due respect– the Martin Luther King Jrs and the Jessie Jacksons mild mannered-ness just won’t do.

NOT OUR PRESIDENT!yes he is. whether we like it or not.  voted in by damn near a landslide.  no vote riggin/robbery. he didn’t even have to call for a recount to make sure. the republican voters put the democrats to shame this go round. we’re acting worse than what we expected from him if he had lost.  so let’s accept our loss and go back to the drawing board and regroup.

Yes, the people have spoken.  Yet, there is still much to say.  However, we can’t just march.  We can’t just sit. We need order and planning. We need strategies and clear expectations.  We’re going to protest: o.k.  What are we protesting for? this, this, that, and against that bs right there.  What are the expected results? << this is very important.  What changes are we expecting to see as a result of our protests:  THIS. CHANGE THIS. KEEP THAT.  TAKE THAT LAW BACK WHEREVER YOU PULLED IT FROM; IT’S UNACCEPTABLE.

Go home people. save your energies.  I promise, we’re going to need it.

Exhale: I guess I had a lot to say after all.